Schmidlin-TSK AG - Innovative Facade Technologies Since 1936

Founded in 1936, Schmidlin AG Facade Technology of Aesch BL in Switzerland, a company with a long standing tradition of innovation and quality in bespoke curtain walling, became Schmidlin-TSK AG in March of 2006. The new owners, Ingeborg and Guenther Troester, lead a privately held group of companies active all over the world, with some 50 individual affiliates. Under the name of 'TSK Tröster Systems and Components', the company is a direct supplier to the automotive, train, aircraft and electrical industries as well as producing medical technology. Also within the group under the name of 'MERO-TSK' the company has established itself in sectors of floor and exhibition systems and airport technology. Whilst in building construction, it has developed three-dimensional cantilever roofs and steel/glass facades.

The varied needs and high standards of our international clients require a top quality performance. Accordingly, Schmidlin-TSK has made it their absolute priority to fully realise the visions of architects and investors. To achieve this, Schmidlin-TSK can call on decades of experience, the latest available technology and expert staff. No matter whether you require unitized, double skin, explosion resistant or all-glass facades, Schmidlin-TSK AG will develop optimal solutions that will stand the test of time, successfully combining customer satisfaction and landmark potential. To deliver superior quality, and to deliver it exactly on time, is our paramount consideration.