This fast-track office building developed by Stanhope Plc was complete in late 2001.

The external façades are clad with three bespoke unitised curtain wall systems, built in unit sizes of typically 1.5 m x storey height.

Of particular interest is the steppedin- section "fish-scale" façade to the West elevation, which commences at ground floor vertically and gradually inclines over at level 9 to form a glazed roof.

Other noticeable features include the "Eyebrow" to the Southwest corner, a complex series of aluminium panels and extrusions which curve in both plan and section, and the cast blue glass semi-opaque vertical spandrels, again on the West elevation.

Finishes are Schmidlin Colorsec Perlglimmer, and the glazing is highperformance combination solar control and low E.